Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Level 1- Approach the Stock Broker at the designated Investor Grievance e-mail ID: of the stock broker. The Stock Broker will strive to redress the grievance immediately, but not later than 30 days of the receipt of the grievance.

Level 2- Approach the Stock Exchange using the grievance mechanism mentioned at the website of the respective exchange. Complaints Resolution Process at Stock Exchange explained graphically:

Timelines for complaint resolution process at Stock Exchanges against stock brokers

S.No. TypeofActivity Timelinesforactivity
1 ReceiptofComplaint Dayofcomplaint(CDay).
2 Additionalinformationsoughtfromthe C +7Workingdays.
investor, if any, and provisionally forwarded to stock broker.
3 Registration of the complaint and forwarding to the C+8WorkingDaysi.e.Tday.
stock broker.
4 AmicableResolution. T+15Working Days.
5 Refer to Grievance Redressal T+16WorkingDays.
6 Complete resolution process post GRC. T+30WorkingDays.
7 IncasewheretheGRCMemberrequires additional information, GRCordershallbecompletedwithin. T+45WorkingDays.
8 ImplementationofGRCOrder. On receipt of GRC Order, if the order is infavourof the investor,debitthefundsof thestockbroker.Orderfordebitisissued
immediately or as per the directions given inGRCorder.
9 In case the stock broker is aggrievedbytheGRCorder,willprovideintention toavailarbitration
10 Investor is eligible for interim relief from Investor Protection Fund (IPF).The interim relief will be 50% of the GRC order amount or Rs.2 lakhs whichever is less. The same shall be provided after obtaining an Undertaking from the investor.
Ifintentionfromstockbrokerisreceived and the GRC order amount isuptoRs.20lakhs
11 Within 6 months from the date of GRC recommendation
12 TheGRCorderamountshallbereleasedto
Incasethestockbrokerdoesnotfilefor arbitrationwithin6months the investor after adjusting the amount released as interim relief, if any.

Handling of Investor's claims / complaints in case of default of a Trading Member /Clearing Member (TM/CM)



Level 3- The complaint not redressed at Stock Broker / Stock Exchange level, may be lodged with SEBI on SCORES (a web based centralized grievance redressal system of SEBI)