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AUM designed with intelligence to cater all user needs, perfect for use on PCs, tablets as well as smart phones to trade on the go

Designed to get quick access to your trading desk to make the most of market conditions at any given time

Trade Like A Pro!

A World-Class trading platform on the Mobile

AUM - A robust mobile trading app designed to help you trade quickly while you are on the go.

  • Useful screeners
  • Trading decisions
  • Resistance and support
  • High/Low breakers
  • Trade quickly

Trade Like A Pro!

It is an advanced trading platform.

It will help you make informed trading decisions. Its multi-chart setup allows you to view mutiple charts simultaneously

  • Intraday historical data
  • Historical EOD data
  • Interest analysis
AUM Power

Trade Like A Pro!

Take on the market with our powerful platform

Which are unique and based on different strategies. Take advantage of our thorough research

  • Unique features
  • Powerful portfolio of stocks
  • Customize Invest